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First Ever Televised Third-Party Presidential Election Debate Happening in March

For the first time in US history the Libertarian presidential candidates for 2016 are coming together to hold an election debate. John Stossel is hosting the event, and all three Libertarian candidates (Gary Johnson, John McAfee and Austin Peterson) have all agreed to participate in the event.

This event will be held on Fox News and is a historic event. America’s two-party-system has been upheld with extreme prejudice for almost two hundred years, and has begun to polarize the nation to a greater extent. Democrats and Republicans are becoming more extreme with every election, putting forth candidates that are increasingly more radical with policies that continue to grow farther from what the American people feel represents a democratic society. 

This televised Libertarian election could signify the beginning of a new era in American politics. With the two popular parties diverging to radical ends of the political spectrum, the people are looking for alternative options. If the media and the government starts making an effort to acknowledge and cover political candidates from third and forth parties, the political variety of America could become significantly more assorted.

Whether or not this signals the beginning of the end for the two-party system is unclear. But it is hopeful that more voices are getting the chance to be heard within the mainstream media. Our voters need to be as informed as possible, and that can only be achieved by displaying all of the views, ideas and candidates. We are a very long way from having a perfect electoral system, but this could be a step in the right direction.


Will Brendza
Will Brendza is a freelance journalist and aimless adventurer based out of the Rocky Mountains, a fearless student of science and a keen outdoorsman. After having witnessed firsthand the environmental abominations taking place both abroad and at home in the US, he resolved to spread the knowledge and drive for global sustainability. When he isn't writing or reading a good book, he can usually be found exploring foreign countries, savoring craft breweries or somewhere deep within the wilderness of Colorado."

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