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Dr. Michael Palmer/Catherine Austin Fitts Interview – Understanding Medical & Economic COVID Motives

Joining me today is Dr. Michael Palmer and Cathrine Austin Fitts, here to discuss COVID-19 and how to understand the various motives surrounding it through a combined lens of science, medicine and economics. 


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Taylor Hudak
Taylor Hudak
Taylor Hudak is an American-Hungarian journalist based in Budapest, Hungary. Taylor covers issues focused on human rights, free speech, health, and law. She researches, writes, and produces video reports and interviews for The Last American Vagabond, and she is a contributor to Children’s Health Defense Europe. Taylor works closely with Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE), an organization of doctors and scientists dedicated to educating the public on health, science, and medical ethics.

15 Replies to “Dr. Michael Palmer/Catherine Austin Fitts Interview – Understanding Medical & Economic COVID Motives

  1. This is excellent, Ryan! Kudos to Taylor Hudak, and huge thanks to Michael Palmer and Catherine Austin Fitts for exposing and naming the criminality for what it is. The work that all of you are doing is beyond essential in helping the public to fight back against vaccine passports!. Thank you, thank you!!!

  2. Thank you, thank you for posting this. In the brand name – Comirnaty… do you think the “mirna” part really stands for microRNA? It’s usually written miRNA. I wonder if that could be the change they made that makes it legally different but still the same formulation? Haven’t yet thought of what the “Co” and “ty” could refer to.

  3. Intrigued by the Malarkey and Grubber reference. Yesterday I was looking at suspect research papers and came across a Dr. J. Faust. Are they thumbing their noses at us?

  4. Trying to find more about Dr. Palmer. Search engines are not helping me any. Just wanted to know some cursory info on him like I have on CAF. Any help is appreciated!

  5. Long before, I assumed, what Austin-Fitts told-to work longer or being killed, eg by a “vaccine”. Thus in Italy u are forced to take this toxic injection, if u are >50yrs. On the other hand, most injected people survived the till now! What Attali many yrs ago….in a nutshell, to kill the elderly!

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