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Derrick Broze Interview – Narrative Shift: EPA Experts Admit Fluoride Is Neurotoxic & Can Lower IQ

Joining me today is Derrick Broze, here to discuss week two of the #FluorideTrial. Derrick reviews the powerful testimonies and many of the unexpected turns, highlighting the important moments of day two and how each might impact Judge Chen’s ruling. Overall, this was a very damning series of events for the government narrative, regarding its monumental efforts to keep fluoride in your drinking water. Most importantly due to the fact that their narrative throughout the trial seems to have diverged from past arguments, suddenly now admitting that fluoride is indeed dangerous, but disputing the level at which that is the case — or more accurately, claiming that they just don’t know exactly at what level this provably dangerous substance spontaneously becomes dangerous, but they somehow seem to know for sure that it is not the level at which it exists currently in US drinking water


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Fluoride exposure during pregnancy from a community water supply is associated with executive function in preschool children: A prospective ecological cohort study – PubMed


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Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
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4 Replies to “Derrick Broze Interview – Narrative Shift: EPA Experts Admit Fluoride Is Neurotoxic & Can Lower IQ

  1. Narrative shifts happen all the time, even on this website. That said, Floride causing neurological damage is not surprising. The much bigger problem is all the OTHER substances and materials that cause damage to humans and other biological lifeforms. On top of this, artificial intelligence is being used to create even more toxic substances and materials that have never naturally existed. Couldn’t cause yet more problems that have not existed before either could they? Yeah, right.

    1. While you’re off on a tangent the military is operationalizing artificial intelligence for algorithmic warfare! Humans don’t stand a chance!

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