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Denis Rancourt Interview – How A Deep Dive Analysis Of COVID Data Reveals A Pandemic Did Not Occur

Joining me today is Denis Rancourt, here once again to discuss the illusion that is COVID-19. This time we review his recently co-authored extensive study which dives deep into the data around the COVID-19 event, and what it reveals about the true nature of this so-called pandemic.


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Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

13 Replies to “Denis Rancourt Interview – How A Deep Dive Analysis Of COVID Data Reveals A Pandemic Did Not Occur

  1. His Data correlates more closely to terrain theory & doesn’t support germ theory/contagion. Instead of trying to interview Chris Martinson (cluster cluster cluster boom. BS!) Interviewing Dr Amandha D Vollmer or Dr Thomas Cowan would be highly valuable. (authors- Healing with DMSO & Human heart, Cosmic heart)

  2. Excellent interview, very informative and leaves one wondering how deep is this rabbit hole. With professionals like both you and Denis Rancourt spreading the truth, there is hope that this no-sense will change soon. We live in a physical reality and a spiritual reality and must be reconciled. When one is disconnected and ignored, this is the result. We need to return to who and what we truly are – powerful light beings. In love.

  3. Fantastic interview. Now I disagree just on one point here. Covid 19 is indeed a globalist project from the start. We are now in Russia being attacked the SAME way as in the EU and USA with the forced vaccinations by stealth where the government although pretending being for freedom of choice, is introducing the QR code vaccine passport and also the booster shots. They theathened my wife of losing her job if she refuses to take it. We are de facto presently under lockdown because they are restricting our freedoms with the QR code. Monsieur Rancourt does not explain why this maniacal obsession of vaccinating all the people in ALL COUNTRIEs with an UNSAFE, UNTEESTED, DANGEROUS and DEADLY gene therapy that modifies the DNA. It has nothing to do with a classical vaccine. Now a research team from Sweden has found it destroys the production in the body of the P53 protein. The P53 protein production is the main substance that allows apoptosis in the human body. Apoptosis is the programmed destruction of cells with defective DNA. No apoptosis possible means CANCER. Now my wife mentionned to me that presently in Russia, but I know it is also the case in USA, there is now an explosion of CANCERS of all kinds even very rate types of cancers. I would say I find Monsieur Rancourt is a fantastic researcher but he ignores totally what people like Bill Gates, Dr Fauci and particulartly KLAUS SCHWAB or the people running the Rockerfeller Foundation (Operation Lockstep) have really in store for us. Big pharma like the Deep State (DARPA particularly) are infested by psychopathic eugenicists. The main point here is that this manufactured pandemix although a total fabrication, is being used to trust upon us medical tyranny and de facto destroy our ultimate freedom; freedom on our body and promote truly bio fascist science where people from now on have the status of laboratory rats !!!!!!

    1. Preach it, brother. Rancourt’s research and views on this so-called pandemic (and forest fires!) are spot on. His view on geo-politics and the big picture is dangerously naive, at best.

  4. Sorry, guys, but your thinking here is kind of simplistic, as if our present “dominance hierarchies” move as one at all times. That’s clearly not the case. Things are much more nuanced and complicated than that. There are competing actors on the scene that sometimes act in concert and sometimes in opposition. Furthermore, it’s more than probable that the current dominance hierarchy is using the fake COVID pandemic to increase its dominance AND kill off the “weaker” elements of the population…Kissinger’s “useless eaters.” This is NOT an either/or proposition. It’s much easier to control a smaller population than a larger one and a homogeneous population than a diverse one. So, again, I think you’re not getting at the truth here with these assumptions.

  5. Rancourt’s big picture view is just wrong. The powers that should not be, the globalist elites, are in the process of weakening nation-states in order to increase their own dominance. So, decreasing the populations of powerful states like the United States and weakening their abilities to produce wealth and defend their borders are all part and parcel of that. His geo-political view is outmoded, much like Noam Chomsky’s these days. The powers that should not be are truly global now. Rancourt’s view was true 30-40 years ago. Not anymore. He has to update his software on this. He’s stuck in the past.

  6. I’ve got an aunt who has generalized cancer and whom I basically offered a choice a year ago between going through the traditional route albeit chemotherapy or going alternative with natural healing and understanding the source of her cancer (which I learned as an actual healing ansd survival mechanism and not an illness in and of itself)

    She chose the traditional route and lo and behold she now has a colostomy bag, has difficulty eating and is really weak. What I will say might sound harsh but she chose the route that has been proven not to work in most cases. It is insane to destroy the body through chemotherapy and expecta healing response. Why would someone burn his whole yard when wanting to get rid of pests and weeds?

    Great interview. I really liked when you mentioned to Denis how a lot of athletes and children were collapsing these days in the vaccine rollout era and he said that thoses things were of concern but that they are not hard data. It steers the interview even more towards neutrality.

  7. I’m somewhat new to TLAV and tend to listen while commuting. I need to re-listen to this one with a notebook to keep track of Mr. Rancourt’s positions. There is a great deal of openly available information on interviews and policy positions of Bill Gates and many others of TPTB proselytizing the need to reduce the population to save the planet. Its impossible for me to reconcile this with the notion of the same group of overlords insisting that everyone be injected with an experimental gene editing therapy whose consequences are obviously, in the short term already, saving the planet (in the evil minds) far more than its inhabitants who are acquiescing and already dying en masse.

    Admittedly, It seems absurd to conclude and assert that some group of powerful people could be so inhumane but when historians look back they will find no shortage of evidence to point to that these people, in black and white – without really hiding it were saying “We needed less people on the planet to survive”. And they literally felt righteous about killing people by the millions.

  8. Furthermore, AGW is the biggest con in human history and C19 is simply their latest way to dumb down the people to buy it and accept totalitarian government nanny state. Falsified Global sea level rise and temperature adjudication fraud make Pfizer look like nuns with their Comirnaty calculus. Note how all Build Back Broke nonsense benefits China far more than US or anyone else and further erodes US national sovereignty and energy independence all with the benefit of doubling greenhouse gases with our Pollyanna all electric plans that our grid will never survive. Peak oil was sheer nonsense but Peak electricity – well that kill a hell of lot more people than CoV2 or CoV3.

  9. I read the paper and one case it makes is its impact on the poor in warmer environments. The granularity of all cause data is insufficient to conclude anything, but from the start of this fiasco I worried most about the impact on lower-income families being restrained to their homes: denied work opportunities, denied public opportunities to leave their crowded homes, etc. I hadn’t thought of the hotter climates where people had strategies to cope with summer heat, strategies that likely involved minimizing time at their homes, and government removed those coping options while elites were boasting how wonder it was to be home all the time with their large spacious homes with entertainment and exercise options, and plentiful air conditioning.

  10. Has anyone heard that the virus was spread via chemtrails?? Could that be
    why it appears in the summer time which is not normal? And possibly in the
    drinking water? And on the PCR tests and on the some masks?

    1. Well first let’s discuss what evidence there is to make such a claim. Is it possible? Clearly. But wasting time theorizing on something without any evidence that is it connected is exactly what they hope we do.

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