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The Daily Sheeple Shut Down for Pizzagate Podesta Wikileaks Story

Earlier today The Daily Sheeple was shut down after a third party DCMA violation over a screencap of an Instagram photo post — not the photo itself, but a screen capture of the Instragram post of the photo — was sent directly to our website host to terminate our account, bypassing us completely.

The site was suspended within 72 hours over the weekend and was offline today. We were forced to remove all traces of that image file from our server, not just from the article itself. It would appear this is an attempt to censor a story featuring allegations regarding the John Podesta Wikileaks scandal that has come to be known as #PizzaGate.

The site should be back up now, but people are still having trouble viewing the story in question. A description has now been placed where the picture once was.

Wayback archive links to the original story here.

More information on #Pizzagate via Reddit here.

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