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Black Water Coming Out of Faucets in Texas – This Nation’s Man-Made Problem

Currently in Crystal City, Texas, residents are tuning on their faucets and bathtubs to find that only black water comes out. Authorities have brought in truckloads of fresh water and have responded relatively quickly when compared to many other such occurrences, where those is low-income areas have been faced with toxic water as their only means of city provided hydration. Officials have stated that they believe the problem is almost over and water should soon be returning to normal, yet asked residents to boil their water for the following weeks as a safety measure.

waterThis is sadly one of many issues this city is currently dealing with. City Manager James Jonas III, was suspended after he was indicted on corruption charges earlier this month; indicted Mayor Ricardo Lopez suddenly resigned Friday; council members (as well as brothers) Rogelio Mata and Roel Mata, were indicted in the same case as Jonas and Lopez; finally, councilman Marco Rodriguez was indicted on charges of human smuggling in an unrelated case. There is no clear connection between any of these cases and the current water issue, yet it is obvious that the city had a problem with accountability and political corruption. Sound familiar?

As they claim the issue is nearing its conclusion, no real attempt has been made to inform the public as to why this is happening or who is responsible. This in and of itself should raise suspicion; as a problem like this would suggest that even before the water was visibly black, that seepage was most likely occurring. Knowing what is actually in the tainted water, where it might be coming from, or simply what has caused this to occur in the first place, is absolutely imperative for those continuing to live in the surrounding areas.

The San Antonio Express-News claimed that “the city has blamed the water problem on dirt and mud build up in a water tank that was flushed,” yet the water contaminates do not aligns with story of only dirt and mud, and as the problem persists past a temporary flush, the cover becomes clear. Simply based on the color it would seem fracking and over drilling are a likely culprit.

“It smelled as soon as I turned on the water we were getting ready for showers and I smelled it and then I started getting the text from my friends ‘hey is this happening at your house look what’s going on at mine,” a woman identified only as Nora told Fox San Antonio.

“We didn’t get a warning; we didn’t get a warning that this was going to happen,” she said.

It is becoming clear with the continuing pollution and contamination issues that have become increasingly commonplace, that the irresponsible drilling, mining, fracking and mountaintop removal that regularly take place with complete disregard for anything other than the profit they will produce, are having wholly expected side-effects.

Those concerned with what might be left for the following generation have been warning of the obvious downsides to the current practice of overzealous drilling and mining. Yet despite the obvious reasons for this nation to join the Twenty-First Century, by disconnecting from the wildly unnecessary dependence on fossil fuels and beginning to focus on renewable energy, our leaders trudge forward with nothing in mind but profit and that of their corporate interests.

Unless this nation sees a dramatic change in the way it conducts itself on many fronts, the people will soon see that incidents like the ones in Flint and Crystal City, are just the beginning.

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