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Black Magick, Revolution, and Natural Law

Anyone who has opened their mind to the possibilities and likelihoods of esoteric sciences, extra-sensory phenomena, and/or paranormal/spiritual experiences, will surely be familiar with the concept of black magick. To the alternative researcher, black magick has become a way of life—not because the researcher practices it, but because it is slowly seen in far too many aspects of their life to ignore. Any good magician or metaphysicist will tell you that, as one mere example, the entire advertisement and public relations industry is literally based on the principles described as black magick due to their subtle, suggestible infringement of the mental space of the individual, and also because of how aggressively this industry goes after the citizen. Surely, this is not insinuating that ad men are a bunch of dark occultists—the point here is to show the archetypal, historical context that this negligent industry comes from. This, despite what one may argue, is entirely indisputable—it is education.

Anyone looking for more (and more elaborate) information about black magick, is likely very tired of hearing about Aleister Crowley. The Last American Vagabond does not endorse Crowley’s maniacal tendencies, but on the flip side of that coin, the Vagabond as well whole-heartedly advocates anyone and everyone of adequate age reading anything by Crowley. He was an absolute metaphysical genius, and provided many detailed peeks behind the curtain for the layman magician seeking knowledge.

Demonize Crowley all day, but a little side note is that so much of what is known as “black magick” today, whether or not it is such, is known because Aleister Crowley sat down to write it in hopes that others would read it. Surely, he was a little sociopathic and that cannot be condoned, but simple black-and-white thinking with someone like Crowley is the first pitfall of the uninitiated. All too many people forget that a great deal of this, but not all, is a façade meant to dissuade people from researching enlightening, and oftentimes entirely empirical information. Even if a person absolutely loathes Crowley and always will, any magician will tell you that the only difference between white and black magick, light and dark occultism, is the context. The rituals are mechanically and systemically the same, with different control methods and end-goals. Thus, if anyone wants to understand how to wield the light, they must become intimate with the dark as well. This is the true nature of the yin and yang, and is even represented in the coalescence of positive and negative electrical charges of the atom. To put it even more simply, consider the old adage that reads along the lines of: It takes a room of darkness to see the full effect of the flame.

The more one peers behind Oz’s curtain, the more they can see the extreme emphasis on the balance of the positive and the negative—after all, this is the ultimate aim of alchemical transmutation. However, the more difficult question to answer beyond this point is, “What constitutes an intimacy with black magick?”

Take, for example, the difference between the Luciferian and the Satanist—which is much larger than one may realize. There is a great deal of confusion surrounding these two and their distinction, and many people are under the impression that Luciferians worship the devil of Christianity, and that Satanism is just a harmless scientific joke about religion and about using placebo-effects to your conscious advantage—Anton LaVey was a harmless guy. Actually, all of this could not be more backwards. While, yes, most average people who claim to be Satanists are actually materialists who appreciate the psychological advantages of symbolism, Anton LaVey is anything but this.


The entire “Church of Satan” as it is known today should be considered nothing more than a massive government “psychological operation” to completely and entirely disconnect anyone from any real esoteric truth, like concepts of Natural Law, karma, and the Hermetic Holy Guardian Angel. Satanism today is literally a religion of psychopathy, or sociopathy at the very least, and is entirely based in hedonism and elitism. Choosing Satanism, without trying to insult anyone who has honest intentions, is one of the most telling decisions of an irrational approach to empirical analysis, and is a slap to the face of the Trivium education.

Furthermore, without even stepping into conspiracy theory, the Church of Satan, as well as the Temple of Set, and similar denominations like the Process Church of the Final Judgement, are all “fronts” of harmless doctrine that good people unknowingly subscribe to in search of answers. These institutions are used to launder drugs, money, and children and conceal ritual sacrifice like a New York construction company launders mafia money. Consider known child-sex-trafficker, and longstanding military colonel, Michael Aquino, who has been found in numerous child abduction cases, including the famous Johnny Gosch case of the late ‘80s. By definition, these mindsets debase human empathy and love, and promote psychopathy and sociopathy by considering other humans as potential tools of the Satanist at any given time. To the Satanist, other human beings are merely portals to the fulfillment of their own hedonistic desires.

Lucifer, on the other hand, is an archetype of much more debate. This article equally does not condone the worship of the Luciferian archetype of Christianity—because that is Satanism. Suffice it to say, that throughout the ages, Lucifer has become two characters: the Pagan archetype and the Christian archetype. Most know by now that Lucifer translates to “light bringer,” and this leads to the Prometheus correlation.

Lucifer was first the necessary principle of rebellion through innovation (the symbolism here being the technology of fire as an allegory for knowledge and innovation). Archetypally, the idea of “waking up” as so many people now say, or even “falling down the rabbit hole” of research, is Luciferian, or Promethean if one prefers. Surprising to some, perhaps: the idea of medicine, reactional and addictive drug-use, whether it be Xanax, opiates, cannabis, sage, or psychedelics, are all inherently Luciferian or Promethean tools.

Even the Christians understood this well enough, and personified Lucifer as the advocate of the first forbidden substance. In this same way, psychedelics can in some sense help to ignite and/or stoke the innovative fire of the individual (specifically with things like PTSD); although, anyone familiar with Gnostic Media will take note how often these psychedelic chemicals can and will burn an individual. The important thing to remember with a chemical is that unless a person is suffering with an ailment, whether it be mental or otherwise, the chemical will likely do more harm than good. To make a metaphor, there is no need for a large fire in the middle of the day in the Saharan Desert. Save the tinder for the times of cold and dark.

To give Christianity its credit, even the pagans considered this Promethean archetype to be a varying scale that allotted a certain amount of evil. Fire can warm us, cook food, and even liven up the social atmosphere—but it can also burn and permanently scar. The metaphor could not be better examined, and orthodox Christianity decided to sever the other end of this spectrum and still with the principle of fire always burning, never supporting. Within this same context, some may be interested to note that (although it has been heavily de-emphasized in today’s world) Freemasonry is inherently a Luciferian doctrine.

Interesting enough, much like Crowley, while Freemasonry has done a great disservice to humanity by overstaying its welcome, humanity is also in a great debt to the masons for other reasons—for they truly have often been the builders of modern society, even if on a small scale at times, and they have taught a great many people how to continue to build. While many people sneer at the masons for “hiding their knowledge,” it really only takes some specific, educated google searches to come across serious and authentic masonic knowledge. (What many masons hide is not their tools, but the power they gain from those tools.) A perfect example of why Aleister Crowley is not a full-blown villain, but by no means a hero, is because of his ties to Luciferianism and not literal Satanism. In line with the running metaphor, Crowley had become out of balance with this principle of innovation and rebellion, and began to lick the flames as he grew older instead of keeping them at a healthy distance for warmth. The iteration of Lucifer as the Light Bringer, and not the arch nemesis, is known as Thelema, which can generally be considered a Western Tantra of sorts.

So, if one prefers to see it this way: black magick is roughly a scale of Luciferianism to Satanism. This as well includes entities such as Set and more, but this article will stick to “Satan” as the catch-all term for the “arch-nemesis” archetype.

Here is where the perspectives will really be challenged, and some serious thought experiments will be set out.

Consider early 19th century New Orleans. By now in the city, it was becoming more commonplace for black individuals to have their freedom, albeit they were still treated second-class and slavery was still prevalent. Especially in places like Louisiana, Voodoo had caught a horrendous and overtly Satanic reputation that was, overall, completely unwarranted. While voodoos surely used some of their practices for their own selfish benefit, a look into the history of Voodoo shows that the vast majority of this practice was considered evil because of a deep-seeded sense of racial bigotry that hardly a soul in today’s America has ever seen. Much further than simply “being racist,” what is really being looked at here is a primary infringement of Natural Law, through a mode of expression that is primarily racist, but could perhaps be better described overall as elitism. This elitism claimed, much like the piece of American history called “Manifest Destiny,” that God had given the white man a natural superior rule and a right to limitlessly secure what was rightfully theirs. In this case, slaves were usually in some sense considered to be a right from Heaven that stemmed from a natural systemic order.

Continuing with this line of thought, consider the crude and primal originations of Voodoo ritual—meeting in the dead of night in a swamp, often naked, drinking rum until they couldn’t drink anymore, dancing feverishly to skin-drums, having orgies, and usually sacrificing animals (human sacrifice was not a commonplace voodoo practice). This discipline has had a long history of sophistication since then, but these were the origins of the Zombi (the Voodoo snake deity, which got them quickly mixed up for worshipping the snake of the Garden of Eden).

Suppose that this gathering of free Voodoos were to meet and do any or all of these things in order to alter their states of consciousness in a way that would psychosomatically empower them, in order to storm the plantation where their families remained. Their ultimate goal is to kill the plantation owner, and perhaps even his family. Surely, the authorities would be on the hunt either way, but if the plantation owner were not taken out, the hunt would be armed by the vast fortune of the plantation that would stop at nothing less than the destruction of all the Voodoos and black people involved. Unfortunately, as grim as it sounds, even leaving the family alive could bring about this problem just as quickly—and it would not be a good scenario for, as example, a young boy to grow up fatherless, with a vast fortune, and a vendetta against Voodoo or any people of color.


As rough as it is, the Voodoos in this example, while still practicing black magick of a sense, are acting completely in accordance with Natural Law, and fully within their right. This does not mean that they will not bear a karmic weight for murder, but this is the game of karma. Nothing is ever finished or on an even keel on Earth. After all, the Earth merely serves as the chessboard of Natural Law/karma (terms which are interchangeable but can serve slightly different contexts). It is important to not forget here, that these Voodoos are not murdering for revenge or even for themselves—they are already free men and women—but the Voodoos are killing in order to right a wrong.

The saying, “two wrongs don’t make a right” has become popular—but this is nonsense. It sounds great, but reality shows us otherwise. A double negative in the syntax of a sentence, incidentally creates a positive. Let’s take that one step further. “According to Newton’s third law, a force is simply a mutual interaction between two objects that results in an equal and opposite push or pull upon those objects. Let’s apply Newton’s third law to describe the interaction between Object A and Object B, both having positive charge.”

The “like” charges repel, or prevent collision, and, of course, any force exchanged has an equal and opposite reaction. Simply put, if there is not equal and opposite reaction, then the exchange is not complete yet. This is physics here, ladies and gentlemen—or did you think people called it “metaphysics” to sound cool? (Admittedly, the argument could be made that the “opposite reaction” would mean only acting in non-aggression as response, but this is little more than a word game at this point. The “opposite” of a social interaction is not so easily defined, and upon investigation, the logic of this article holds up.)

Even the ancient Tantric monks who used mind altering substances acknowledged that they were accruing small fractions of further karmic debt—but they argued that if they were not meant to learn through their karma, then simply put, there would be no desires left to accrue any more karma. They instead would be pillow sitting. Hedonism is a natural desire—people would not have five senses to please if they were not meant to be pleased. The point here is that there is a context for those pleasures and desires, and that context is Natural Law and karma. Really, the only way to learn is through experience, and the only true experience comes firsthand, so this was the Luciferian approach of the ancient Tantric, the Voodoos, the Thelemites and more. This is the path of the “Left Hand,” and it is not for everyone—many are much more comfortable with the Right-Handed path of orthodoxy.

This article asserts, for analytical purposes, that there should be a further distinction between “black magick” and “dark occultism.” Black magick is largely, if not entirely, a socio-cultural category for an enigmatic type of phenomena that goes against social norms, whether these social norms be good or bad. Dark occultism is, in short, the Globalist-Eugenicist-Satanist agenda, “Satan” again just being any form of the arch nemesis. Congregations like the Church of Satan, the Temple of Set, and the Process Church of the Final Judgement are, at their core, empirically hedonistic, sociopathic, and completely against Natural Law by giving the follower free license to accrue and produce as much karmic repercussions as possible, both good and bad. To these followers, there is no distinction between good and evil, because they are social constructs that impede the individual from the experiences that they desire; they believe that the overall Natural Law is to transcend both good and evil because these are games of the meager human realm. They call this transcendence, and this article asserts that it is a deep descent with an arduous climb back up.

Lastly, there are quite a few smart individuals that for all intents and purposes seem to be altruistic and unaware of the deeper implications of these doctrines they follow. This is not meant to insult, but to bluntly suggest that altruistic followers of these discussed doctrines are mingling amongst some of the worst that society has to offer. The point here is not to discriminate against an individual seeking to learn more about themselves and the world around them—the primary assertion here is that it is entirely irrational and illogical to think that causing harm or trauma to another human being is something that must be aspired to. To quote Anton LaVey, “Every religion that has destroyed people is based on love.”

Conversely, Crowley’s motto was, “Do what thou wilt under the Law; Love is the Law.” The “Law” being Natural Law or karma. This is not rocket science (although it did inspire rocket science) and is fairly easy to comprehend once a person is willing to take a more objective, nuanced approach to occulted, eclectic research.

Let us not be fooled by charlatans like Anton LaVey, or Michael Aquino, who is now gallivanting around the alternative media as a New Age guru “Ex-Satanist New World Order Defector.” Of course, in all of Aquino’s recent interviews, he fails to mention all the supposed metaphysical use he gets out of child sacrifice and pedophilia, the apparent enjoyment he gets from abducting children (having made a career out of it for Military Intelligence), or the fact that he is only an “ex-Satanist” because he left the Church of Satan to literally found the Temple of Set, where it appears that he streamlined his human trafficking behind the scenes. People like Michael Aquino are the real villains—the real dark occultists—and it is high time that everyone realize that the average Freemason, Thelemite, Voodoo, Christian, conspiracy theorist, Chaos magician, or whatever be the case, does not have to be against one another like so many people claim.

The human being who waits for the rest of the world is wasting their heartbeat (unless waiting is one of the many actions that must be done), and humanity must not be afraid to take chances, and to learn, and grow as individuals. Truly, if we all act out of love, authenticity, and altruism, then the only way to go is upward.


Anthony Tyler
A journalist and author from Anchorage, Alaska, Anthony Tyler aims to twist the knife in both phony new-age ideals and scientific materialism by drawing attention to the rich heritage of esoteric science throughout history. Far from being “satanist,” the esoteric (i.e. occultism or comparative religion) marks the beginning of mathematics, astronomy, psychology, medicine, and even politics. Esoteric science represents a cache of little-known knowledge detailing how to decipher the human's unconscious mind--and the unconscious mind is essentially everything that the human mind is not considering at any given moment.

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