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Big Money: Billionaires Piling Crypto

The only billionaires who are opposing Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are those who didn’t see it coming. It makes perfect sense for an influential billionaire to publicly condemn it in order to create a buying opportunity for himself.

Some, though, have been on top of their game and nailed the rise of cryptocurrencies.

The Winklevoss twins Entrepreneurial twins that sued Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and invested a portion of the received winnings from the legal battle into Bitcoin.

The Winklevoss twins are some of the first Bitcoin billionaires. They attempted to launch a Bitcoin ETF in early 2017, and they also own popular Bitcoin exchange Gemini.


Bill Gates The former CEO of Microsoft once said Bitcoin is better than any currency.

The self-made billionaire recognizes the disruptive capacity of sending value without the need of an intermediary. Microsoft is also interested in the underlying technology behind Bitcoin: the blockchain.

Microsoft is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance that works with many other innovative protocols in the space.

Richard Branson Another entrepreneur that sees potential in Bitcoin.

Richard Branson invested $30 million into popular Bitcoin debit card provider BitPay.

Another cryptocurrency Branson is bullish on, Ethereum, is an application-building platform that utilizes smart contracts.

Now, Rick and I were truly surprised to see a corrupt central banker in favor of liberty, though he will never be a billionaire.

Ben Bernanke While the former FED Chairman has openly said that Bitcoin will fail, on other occasions, he has pointed out Bitcoin’s investment potential. His interest is focused on the underlying blockchain technology.

Bernanke was a key speaker at an event hosted by Ripple—as it seeks to disrupt the way financial institutions settle payments.

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Jamie Dimon The JPMorgan CEO labeled Bitcoin a fraud and compared it to the tulip mania.

Immediately after making this statement, the price of Bitcoin crashed by 30%, with many accusing the CEO of price manipulation. What I loved seeing was the comeback the price made right after and poor Jamie looking like a complete fool. Now, JPM wants to add Bitcoin to their trading platforms.

Pan Gongshen The Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has stated that he believes Bitcoin will eventually die. He was also in favor of the regulations being imposed on digital asset users in China.

As we know, Bitcoin is flourishing in China and the government is wasting air fighting it.

Warren BuffettThe legendary investor called Bitcoin a mirage.

Buffett sees it as a legitimate way of transferring wealth, but not a viable investment opportunity.

As I see it, the more debate of pros and cons we see in the media, the better.

Remember, cryptocurrencies need a network effect and being front and center in the news helps to speed the process up.

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