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Atmosphere of Fear – Civilians, Police Cooperating to Achieve End of Freedom in America

These are precarious times. Tragedy seems to lurk behind every corner wielding semi-automatic firearms, gunning down Americans, flushing our streets with violence of unprecedented measures. The people are pitted against those sworn to protect and serve them, blood has been spilled, fear has been spread. In the recent weeks (and years) the situation seems to be exacerbating, both in intensity and frequency of conflict, driving a nasty wedge deep into a supposedly “United” nation.

Consider the recent escalation – on July 5 police were caught immobilizing and executing Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old man selling CD’s in a parking lot. The next day, July 6, Philando Castile, 32, was pulled over for a routine traffic stop that ended in him being shot to death in front of his fiancé. Both victims were black. Both were innocent. And both murders were caught on tape. The nation erupted in an angry disavowal of police brutality – the people were outraged. Consequently, at a Black Lives Matter protest in Texas on July 7 a black military veteran took to the streets to wage war on the Dallas police force. It was reported that the shooter wanted to “kill white people, specifically white cops” … He was blown up.

It would be easy to pass these attacks off as separate events, products of disassociated threats. That would be the way anyone who wanted to keep their sanity might choose to see it. But I can’t help but entertain a different perspective – America is in dangerous territory these days: terrorists, home-grown psychopaths, an over sensational media, murderous police officers and, of course, criminal presidential candidates. With so many enemies on so many fronts, the big players of the great game have a lot of opportunity to manipulate our fear. The more afraid We become, the more control They will get. Wouldn’t it be in their best interest to foster, and even cultivate, fear within the civilian population? It would give government the chance to pass more laws like the Patriot Act. It would give them an excuse to further militarize American police. It would put freedom, as we know it on the execution block.

The sequence of events is algebraic: ((Increase distrust of police x 2) + reactionary protests + mass murder of police in line of duty) x sensationalized news & media = increasing tension = increasing violence = increasing police power.

Such an equation will repeat itself, spiraling exponentially towards a police state, one where the cops look more like soldiers and the people are treated more like refugees – or prisoners. That is the world we are heading towards, regardless of whether or not this most recent smattering of violent murders was premeditated or just very unlucky chance. America is changing, that is easy to see, but what it is changing into is far more enigmatic. Each year our police are outfitted with bigger, badder military equipment to “contain” peaceful protests. Each year cops senselessly murder innocent Americans. Each year peaceful protests turn violent because of those senseless killings and police clash with the protesters, wearing/wielding army-grade riot gear. What are we moving towards?

With programs like MKUltra (and whatever replaced it) it is easy to wonder to what extent federal shot-callers can control a human being’s behavior. We already know that the government and the media engage together in the distribution of information and news systematically and strategically to the people (another form of psychological manipulation). So why wouldn’t it make sense, for power-hungry agencies to manage the media and manipulate unstable individuals (be them civilian or police) to sow violence and fabricate an atmosphere of fear? They provide the murderer, the media force-feeds the public terrifying news coverage, the public reacts, the police subdue the reaction and everyone goes back to square one…

It would make sense. But it could also be total blind chance, persistent bad luck, deep-rooted cultural racism, and a thirst for blood – the inherent evil of mankind seeping through the cracks – that is causing such an unforeseen, unnecessary spike in bloodshed.

In either case, the outcome remains the same: as violent attacks become more frequent, police power will continue to swell (along with their armories), while more and more civilian lives are lost on domestic soil. And as that pattern proliferates, the police and the American people will be played off of one another exactly like we’re supposed to. Who knows where the line will be drawn? And what happens after that – peaceful diffusion, or end-all revolution? All of it – all unless law enforcement and American citizens stop cooperating to kill our freedom. All unless we stop murdering each other, and turn our sights on those who truly deserve to be destroyed.

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Will Brendza
Will Brendza is a freelance journalist and aimless adventurer based out of the Rocky Mountains, a fearless student of science and a keen outdoorsman. After having witnessed firsthand the environmental abominations taking place both abroad and at home in the US, he resolved to spread the knowledge and drive for global sustainability. When he isn't writing or reading a good book, he can usually be found exploring foreign countries, savoring craft breweries or somewhere deep within the wilderness of Colorado."

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