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Anonymous Grants Exclusive Interview: #OpIcarus A Call To Action

“We believe the message to the élite is clear: We are coming for you, we are your Karma, we are the Ghosts you have created.”

The Last American Vagabond recently had the opportunity to interview the hacker, “s1ege” of the Anonymous-affiliated group, “Ghost Squad,” and participant in the Anonymous collective mass-scale operation taking place for this month of May, 2016: #OpIcarus. The official video put out by the hackers can be viewed here.

Even with the dash of s1ege’s tongue-in-cheek hacker-slang typing, the words given are both eloquent and refreshing, as well as inspiring, mentioning concepts in both educated activist knowledge, esoteric philosophy, and the like. The Vagabond discussed an audio interview with voice modulation for s1ege, but due to time constraints we decided on a brief conversation over the Swiss-based encrypted email service, ProtonMail, with the audio interview hopefully in the near future. 

One of the most important things that could perhaps be drawn from this interview, other than the details of #OpIcarus, is a slightly deeper context of Anonymous. By asking some of these pertinent questions to s1ege, it became quite clear that, yes, the government is working to infiltrate Anonymous, and that this has already happened. But this is not grounds for doing away with the entire movement, as many (including myself) have suggested in the past. Anonymous, despite its convoluted nature at times, has become a calling-card for these types of pissed-off, anarchist activists that also happen to be tech savvy, and are looking to do something about it. It is a way to identify someone in the crowd, to network, connect, and facilitate. Sure, there are a lot of posers out there still, but the core of the true Anonymous movement might be stronger than it has ever yet been

So, if you had a chance to ask an Anonymous hacker anything, what would you ask? This is what I decided.

Alrighty. So, over a tenuous internet connection in the realm of encrypted email, I’m sitting down with hacker, “s1ege” of the Anonymous-affiliated Ghost Squad Hackers to discuss the latest Anonymous operation: #OpIcarus. Thanks for the interview s1ege, you’ve maintained a correspondence with The Last American Vagabond and we appreciate it. 

Before Discussing #OpIcarus in detail, I wanted to ask what you could tell me about all these Anonymous sub-groups and how they form the collective as a whole. For an activist on the outside, trying to get a perspective of Anonymous today:

1) How can someone tell the difference between a hacker who is affiliated with Anonymous, and someone who simply claims affiliation? 


Well Anonymous is a head movement of an ideology, when in reality anything that is branded becomes corrupted. I myself am an Anarchist and believe fully that the idea of freedom against oppression should not be labeled under one head that is a loose collective, being our own makes our attacks more absolute and our team cannot receive negative credit because we are not Anonymous but we believe in the Idea of Anonymous. Well anyone can literally become Anonymous it acts as a flock of birds, one bird flies in one direction and the others follow as was the case in #OpIcarus.

2) What is #OpIcarus and why has it been causing so much attention in the media lately?


Well #OpIcarus is the revolution. We believe it is the absolute embodiment of the collective consciousness of nations who are the absolute opposite of the cartel pulling strings, and effecting the world’s economy and governments, and I speak this from a place of knowing not theory. It may be getting the mass support of media attention due to the fact that if the media does ignore it, I’m sure they understand that will result in them being at their knees to us next, as we have already taken down CNN’s main website and their french domain and brazil domain in the past.

3) What is the overall intention/goal with the hacktivism of #OpIcarus? What point are you trying to get across to the public?


It’s clear we want the public to know that national boarders do not matter to these individuals they foment wars, and have even instituted 9/11 with the help of the United States Government. We can no longer discard the evidence of 9/11 being an inside job and the money/oil trail leads to the Rothschild and Rockefeller families and more billionaire families that created these wars, and have the audacity to openly admit to the public they have!

Literally buying political figures and using the governments as their foot soldiers. Our goal is to awaken the masses for the most part. We want humanity to just be more aware. We do not incite violence upon these individuals but what humanity does after knowing the truth is based upon universal law. We want to hurt them financially and awaken more people forcing the Main-Stream Media to speak our purpose for these attacks.

4) What types of hacks, and against who, have already been conducted in #OpIcarus?


Well recently we have attacked so many banks there are almost to many to list but the major attacks consists of shutting down Chase Bank ATM’s, stealing money from the New York Federal Reserve and Vietnam’s Tien Phong Bank, also shutting down the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of France, Bank of Sweden, Bank of New Zealand, and Boston Federal Reserve, To name some. And these attacks are directly to the root center of the main problems in the world. Including the rise and current war in Syria along with the Islāmic State which was also funded and created by the CIA.

5) What can you say about the future plans of #OpIcarus and what Guy Fawkes has up his sleeve?


Some of our plans are confidential because revealing them will hurt the operation but we are planning big plans with NASDAQ and NYSE, to name some. Hopefully the future plans will be that of the people and activists we need them as yin needs yang.

6) With #OpIcarus in full swing now, has their been any retaliation so far from the Banking System’s Surveillance State, with hacks of their own or anything of that nature?


No, the false flag events like the recent one in paris are more effective on terms of surveillance, as far as us hacking the banks, I am aware it can do this but so can hacking the KKK and ISIS.. Or Trump or Hillary, we just pick our targets wisely and are not so much the same as white-hate-Anonymous targets.

7) Wildcard question, you have the floor. Is there anything about this Operation or anything else related to hacktivism that you would care to relay to the public?


Well first and foremost this is an Anonymous operation and all are welcome to this operation, we invite all teams and all activists. And want the public to know we are doing these non-violent attacks out of love, this gives the public strength and inspiration! We believe the message to the élite is clear:

We are coming for you, we are your Karma, we are the Ghosts you have created.

8) As a final question, would you care to comment on the level/gravity of Surveillance State infiltration within the ranks of hackers who claim to be part of Anonymous? 


Honestly we believe the main twitters of Anonymous to be run by complete white hats of Government agencies. We believe they do not want us to continue hacks like these because it extremely inspires the public more than anything and gives curiosity to why we are doing the attacks, which in turn makes them come to the realization and oppose Government censorship and surveillance, more than allowing it to continue as it currently is.

Again, s1ege, thank you for your time, and know that The Last American Vagabond  will be lighting the finest herb in cheers of your continued success. 


As will we, cheers brothers of the modern Renaissance!


Shout to ProtonMail for innovative service, and shout out to all of the legitimate hacktivists out there who are continuing to serve as the thorn in the side of the élite, for the true media to report on. 

Anthony Tyler
A journalist and author from Anchorage, Alaska, Anthony Tyler aims to twist the knife in both phony new-age ideals and scientific materialism by drawing attention to the rich heritage of esoteric science throughout history. Far from being “satanist,” the esoteric (i.e. occultism or comparative religion) marks the beginning of mathematics, astronomy, psychology, medicine, and even politics. Esoteric science represents a cache of little-known knowledge detailing how to decipher the human's unconscious mind--and the unconscious mind is essentially everything that the human mind is not considering at any given moment.

2 Replies to “Anonymous Grants Exclusive Interview: #OpIcarus A Call To Action

  1. Thank you for the interview with Anonymous. We’ve personally seen evil and have been effected by it. Our system is way over do for a change. In so many directions. While trying to be people of moral standing we are trying to build our bodies back up from the wars of being an American in a society that worships money over ethics.
    To Anonymous, make us believe Karma does excist. And may God keep you safe.

  2. Am I the only one who has noticed that since 911 so many more people have been waking up to do research on other so called conspiracies only to find out those conspiracies are true. The elite went too far with 9 11 and in their arrogance thought that Americans and others around the world were just going to sit back again and take it all again. With 9 11 the elite woke up a bear. And gave people who were already pissed off just the excuse they needed to risk their lives and what little freedoms they had left to say in their own millions of ways enough is enough. The arrogance of the elite is what has always brought them crashing down throughout history no matter how militarily strong they were compared to the masses. It is their arrogance that has caused the Anonymous bear to awaken. And I believe Anonymous is the true beginning of the elite in this century crashing and burning. Throughout history the masses have always found a way to fight back and this time is no different.

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