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Allegations of High Level Police Corruption in Long Island Serial Killer Case

Editor’s Note: In the original version of this article it was incorrectly stated that James Burke was a ranking Freemason. That claim is as of yet unconfirmed. 

Recent updates in late December 2016, shed new light on the Long Island Serial Killer Case. A high-profile Long Island escort by the name of Leanne, has come forward with allegations pointed at former police chief, James Burke, as a suspect in the string of at least 10 murders that remain unsolved and presumably connected. Whether Burke had a direct hand in the events if this case, Leanne and her lawyer, John Ray (longtime name in the case, having represented the family of the late Shannan Gilbert—the first discovered suspected victim), have asserted that there is enough evidence to suggest that Burke was, at best, actively complicit with law-enforcement negligence regarding the investigation of the string of escort murders.

To those unfamiliar with the Long Island Serial Killer (LISK), it has long since become an open secret for investigators that the case is surrounded by a considerable network of law-enforcement negligence that may very well border on conspiracy to cover-up the truth. Furthermore, to muddy the waters of this case, there seems to be a great deal of evidence to suggest that while the modus operandi(MO) is the same with these murders, there could be more than one killer in collaboration here—and whoever the perpetrators are, they are still at large.

The number of murders involved with LISK are anywhere from 10 to 16, or even more. In their hard-hitting A&E television documentary series, The Killing Season filmmakers Josh Zeman (of the documentary Cropsey, which tells the classical case of Andre Rand and mental asylums, child abductions, and satanic ritual that encircles the case) and Rachel Mills investigate the variety of murders at Long Island, as well as serial killer cases in Daytona Beach and Atlantic City that fit the MO enough to consider within the pool of data of this investigation. While some suggest that there is one lone serial killer migrating through the coast with the seasons, feeding their habit, the filmmakers of The Killing Season seem inclined to consider the multiple killer theory.


With the level of police corruption during the investigation of the Long Island murders, it is quite fair to entertain the possibility that the murderer could have at least had some sort of inside connections within the Suffolk County Police Department. With Leanne placing former police chief James Burke at Gilgo Beach, using the high-profile escort services of Long Island that the murders occurred within while Burke was also conducting the Suffolk County Investigation into the murders, it has become more than a possible theory that Burke has played a major role in the law-enforcement investigative catastrophe that LISK has become.

Of course, as of late, Burke’s lawyer has stated that the allegation of the police chief’s involvement with the murder is totally groundless, it is certainly of note that James Burke is currently serving a total sentence of 46 months in prison for “beating a handcuffed man for stealing embarrassing items from his department vehicle and then covering it up;” the embarrassing material was pornography. Furthermore, the man was not under arrest, and was cuffed solely because he had seized the porn from Burke’s vehicle. Strong allegations continue to persist that it was child pornography, although this has not been confirmed. It is also interesting that Burke is friends with District Attorney Thomas Spota (another longtime name to the LISK case, and alleged in investigative negligence). 

Additional updates in the case show Burke’s involvement with LISK suspect, Dr. Peter Hackett throughout the timeline of the murders, and a lawsuit that John Ray is filing against Hackett involving the death of Shannan Gilbert.

Further bizarre updates in this web of sex, murder, and conspiracy, include the murder of Shannan Gilbert’s mother in the summer of 2016 by the hand of her daughter (Shannan’s sister), when Sarah Gilbert proceeded to stab her mother multiple times and even attempted to decapitate her. Sarah Gilbert’s official statement was that she believed her mother to be practicing witchcraft for many decades—a fact that John Ray has confirmed.

Considering former NYPD detectives Mike Codella and Jim Rothstein’s recent and respective statements about the organized-occult crime of New York that implicates the likes of David Berkowitz and the Process Church of the Final Judgement in a longstanding on-and-off investigation by the department, the questions continue to stir: Just what the hell is going on in the state of New York? How long has it been going on? Why is there a continuous thread of occult undertones throughout, and how organized is it? And, perhaps the most disconcerting of all: how much of the local law enforcement has been coerced?

Leanne and John Ray’s December press statement can be viewed here.

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