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Alefantis, Podesta And Hastert: The Mainstream Cover Up

Now that the public is slowly awakening to the fact that PizzaGate(regardless of what corporate media intentionally obfuscates) goes way beyond that of James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong, it is important to both, not allow this investigation to fade away until it is properly addressed by the appropriate authorities, and to continue to focus on that which is undeniable.

Although speculation is vital to any investigation, as any detective will agree, to do so now will only provide ammunition for mainstream outlets seeking to create an air of reckless irresponsibility and negligence around those who choose to think outside the box, otherwise known as actual investigation. Yet, what is entirely absurd is the fact that this is what these outlets are supposed to be doing; asking the hard questions to actually find the truth, and not just relay what they are told. Sadly, it has been quite some time since mainstream journalists–if one can still regard them as such–have chosen to investigate anything. Most are unaware that the job of “investigative journalist” no longer exists at any of the major mainstream organizations such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, or any of the major corporate stations from which many Americans still choose to get their information. So ask yourself how they get to the bottom of these major stories? And where their information comes from? 

In any controversial story, it’s the job of the media to seek out and find the truth of the matter, regardless of who might be held accountable. However, as the mainstream media no longer relies on investigative journalism to find that truth, it instead turns to government agencies. As Americans should be able to trust such information, it has been demonstrated time and again that not only can they not be trusted, but that they will always, without fail, put the agency agenda well above that of the best interest of the American people, commonly at the people’s expense as well.

In the case of Dennis Hastert, the former Speaker of the House, where the man was found to be a serial pedophile(and ridiculously only sentenced to 15 months), the truth of the matter was intensely avoided by the media until the absolute breaking point, in which they were forced to cover it. As HighImpactFlix points out, if anyone from the alternative media had been speaking out about the ex-Speaker of the House of the United States of America, being a serial child molester who was being provided with young boys, they would have not only been called “fake news,” and now possibly even “Russian Propaganda,” they would have been accused of all the close-minded, oblivious accusations currently being thrown at anyone willing to reasonably consider what is now a world-wide citizen investigation. And anyone who actually looks at all of the evidence, can see that it is clearly enough to justify further attention. 

It should be a huge red flag that the mainstream narrative, being incessantly pushed, revolves around the idea that the entire premiss of the PizzaGate investigation is so ridiculous, that it shouldn’t even be considered; which is the best case scenario for those seeking to cover this up. It provides a comforting excuse for those already willing to ignore such a foundation shaking story, and tell themselves that they made an “informed” decision. Yet, with all the many cases in this nation’s history alone, that involve those in high positions of power, how can any rational, critically thinking individual allow themselves to think that this is ‘simply not possible.’ And remember, Dennis Hastert was a very powerful man, with direct ties to, and close friends with, both the Podesta bothers and James Alefantis

The mainstream media has allowed for these individuals to slide by without having to address any of the actually damning photos, comments or connections–of which are abundant–and instead has chosen to clearly take a side. Which no one should have to point out is a fundamental problem for any true journalist, as was seen in the farce interview that Fox’s Megyn Kelly conducted with James Alefantis, where no attempt at objectivity was made, and instead was ten minutes of “this is fake, take my word for it.” The video below shows some of the questions that should have been asked, if the journalist posing them had any genuine intention of finding the truth.

Objectivity is what those seeking to be truly informed desire, rather than to be told what to think; and this is exactly why mainstream media viewership is lower than ever before in history. People are waking up, but as the saying goes:

The revolution will not be televised.”

Editor’s Note: For more information on this ongoing investigation that you will not receive from the mainstream media, check out the links below: 

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This story is much larger than just this pizza joint, regardless of what the corporate media tries to sell, but take a look at the images below, and ask yourself is that seems normal for a place that has child sleep overs, as well as known pedophilic bands that play there after hours.

None of the images below are criminal to look at, yet highly suggestive and cannot be simply explained as “out of context,” as the context is quite clear(and the comments beside the images are very important to acknowledge):

(All of the links once again work, but they will no doubt continue trying to scrub the Internet of any proof)

Comet Ping Pong Instagram Photos:

Podesta’s Favorite Artist:
(Shirt reads: “I love infants”)

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  1. Clearly a massive pedophile ring going on in Washington DC. The corporate fake news media is scrambling like mad to cover it up. Why would that fake Megan waste her supposed talent “interviewing” this fake Pizza joint owner????
    I think the answer is that Alefantis holds a lot of power by providing sick “services” to our SOS politicians DRAIN THE SWAMP NOW!!!!

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