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In Search of Alaska’s Ancient Pyramid

The Ancient Pyramids of Egypt are a commonplace global landmark for all human beings, and as mysterious and awing as the recorded 120 pyramids of Egypt are, they are but a small fraction of the currently uncountable pyramid and pyramidal structures across Planet Earth. With pyramids publicly recorded  in places like the rest of Northern Africa, Austria, France, (all of which have origins that are only speculated or still entirely unknown) and the astronomical amount that rest in Mesoamerica, as well India, China, and even an ancient city underwater involving pyramidal architecture off the shores of Japan. Pyramids

However, there are many researchers and eyewitnesses who claim that the public knows of only a fraction of the pyramids on the globe, and that these are being actively hidden from the masses. In places like Bosnia, China, the wilderness of Ontario—depending on who your sources are—one might expect to find some surprising hidden structures, like a pyramid beneath the water made of glass in the Bermuda Triangle, or pyramids caked in snow hidden in the mountains, which is quite a tantalizing claim with both Charles Hapgood’s and Graham Hancock’s research showing that there have been some seriously underreported fossils of vegetation in Antarctica. However, many of these structures are merely speculative so one must rely on the facts alone. Many might scoff at the idea of something as literally monumental as a pyramid being hidden in plain sight. It is unlikely that these pyramids are right under our noses; in the search for what is being called Alaska’s “Dark Pyramid” the current research suggests that these structures are very real, just extremely well hidden.

The first to speak about the possibility of a pyramid in the last frontier was researcher Linda Moulton Howe, an esteemed award-winning reporter who has dedicated her career to alternative news information and uncovering suppressed knowledge for the public. Her brainchild, EarthFiles.Com, is a global scientific report database. Since then, Whitley Strieber (author of the EBE book, Communion) and David Wilcock, (researcher and author of books such as The Source Field Investigations and The Hidden Science of Lost Civilizations) have also spoken out against the supposed “Alaskan Pyramid cover-up.” While it is certainly not a conclusive argument yet, the case for the cover-up has a national geological study’s recorded results and four individual accounts of the pyramid.

Alaska is roughly 2.5 times the size of Texas. This massive state has, in some variation, every type of climate on the planet—from beaches to deserts to the arctic, rainforest jungles, concrete jungles and so forth. While all the surveying of this state had been finished after WWII, the vast majority of this land is federal, or just totally uninhabitable under their current climate conditions. The government presence overall in the state is pretty overwhelming, with an Air-Force/Army joint base nearly the size of Anchorage right outside of the city itself, the FEMA Camp up near Fairbanks, the history of the HAARP and HIPAS facilities, and the lore of what these facilities’ experiments could have done to the radically changing alaskaclimate, or even augmenting or altering the Aurora Borealis itself. 

So, not only could Alaska easily house secret facilities in otherwise uninhabitable government federal land, but in terms of theory, it would almost seem silly for the government to not utilize these tactical advantages. The first clear question is surely, “Why can’t people see this from the sky?” This is where things start to get even more outlandish because the pyramid is supposedly located underground. Furthermore, it’s supposed to be four times the size of Giza. Although a radical theory to some scientists, the ability for an earthquake to subsequently collapse the pyramid in a sort of catacomb underneath the Earth’s surface would be theoretically possibility if one took into account Charles Hapgood’s Earth crust Displacement Theory. Yet even this is a wild and unlikely truth. Rather, what the lore seems to behold, quite literally, is that this pyramid is thousands of years old, and simply “was not built by humans.” Some reports even say that there are two smaller pyramids behind the Dark Pyramid, similarly to Egypt, but this does not appear to be a recurring theme in the reporting.

Some theories about how the pyramid was discovered claim that its acknowledgement had to do with the initial sale of the state from Russia to America. However as reported by Linda Howe from an anonymous, retired navy captain, it was found through its massive electromagnetic signal output, which coincides with all the other Dark Pyramid claims, and the long-time claims from alternative researchers about what most call “pyramid power.” Quoting Howe’s source, the retired Navy captain, “The DEW (Distant Early Warning) Line System that we built in the early 1950’s took some 8,000 to 10,000 scientists, engineers and construction workers into the wilderness that had once seen only the occasional hunter, trapper, gold miner, or native Alaskan village… But in the planning of the White Alice and DEW Line Systems, there was one additional interest in the location and construction of the sites picked for a wax facility or DEW Line antennae, and that interest was electromagnetic interference (EMI). Anyone who has tried to listen to his or her AM car radio when you drive by a high voltage power line knows what EMI is, although maybe by a different name—we call radio static. EMI from the high voltage power lines interferes with radio reception and makes it almost impossible to hear or understand what is being received.

This is no different with a complex, long-ranged and (at the time) sophisticated, over-the-horizon communication system like White Alice that we were putting together up in the Alaska area. In fact, due to the nature of how the White Alice system operates, using back-scattered signals caused by atmospheric turbulence (which in effect causes radio signals to bounce off the ionosphere [what HAARP and HIPAS were designed for] and back down to earth over the horizon to receiving stations hundreds of miles away), it is even more sensitive to EMI because the atmosphere has propagation issues—there are sun spot effects from the sun, there are solar flares that produce the northern lights—that selecting the proper location for the antennas would be critical. Is it so surprising to think that in planning for the installation of the White Alice system in the mid to late 1950s (which was part of our DEW Line effort to set up an early warning system, to protect us from EMIand for us to be able to know what might be coming from the Soviet Union over the North Pole) and taking and recording EMI levels at proposed White Alice sites, that someone might have detected an unknown source of extremely high EMI activity, and yet there would be nothing seen that is causing the problem.

Assume that you are part of a scientific team tasked with finding the unknown source of the extremely large EMI signature using a variety of highly technical measurement surveys to try to locate that signal, and finally determine that nothing was there. It is easy therefore to think that once the location of the EMI’s source was located, and with the Cold War tension that existed between the US and the Soviet Union, and that a remote location the Alaskan wilderness was identified as the location of a large unknown source of EMI, that due to its remote nature in Alaska, it would have seemed possible for a team of maybe Soviet military engineers to be in that country undetected, and maybe buried underground with some type of EMI generator that could disrupt the White Alice and radar DEW Line Communications. Instead, when they went there and they started going underground they discovered a large stone pyramid, perhaps 4 times the cubic volume of Cheops in Egypt.”

However accurate, this seems to be the tallest standing theory. The Distant Early Warning Line [DEW] was a system of radar stations in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, the arctic of Canada, Greenland, et cetera, and was set up in order to detect Cold War bombing. The White Alice Communication Systems were constructed exclusively in Alaska during the same period featuring tropospheric scatter links and line-of-sight microwave radio-links, with nearly 40 WACS sites in the 49th state over the years. However, both of these programs have since been discontinued.

In terms of the geological study involving the Alaskan Pyramid, it was by no means linear. In 1992, the Chinese government was sanctioned by the United Nations to perform underground nuclear testing. Their global neighbors, including the US, were not very keen on the idea, but a team of geologists proposed a possible benefit by using the vibrations of the blasting to get an official and detailed map of the earth’s crust. In the official report, it is documented that located within the coordinates that Howe has released (which supposedly are the coordinates of where the pyramid is located, between Denali and Nome), there is a very clearly defined pyramid-shaped structure that matches the size of the Dark Pyramid lore, and that it was located underground. Meanwhile, in 1989, Counter Intelligence warrant officer Douglas Mutchler was stationed per request in Fort Richardson, Alaska. Interested in some prospecting, Mutchler acquired a detailed mapping of the state that covered an entire bedroom wall. On this map, he said that there was a white rectangle about the size of a postcard with text that read something along the lines of “land not surveyed as of whenever date it was”. Mutchler knew this was fishy and he did not forget it, but his curiosity dropped until 1992 when new light was shed on subject.

One night on Fort Richardson military base while watching the Channel 13 evening news  (outside of Anchorage) with 40 or so other standard military personnel, Doug Mutchler watched a breaking news story about the discovery of an underground pyramid in Alaska. The repost was accompanied by simplistic computer-generated animation all due to the geological findings done into the earth’s crust previously mentioned. The next day he called his father, who Mutchler said was an avid news watcher, only to find that his father had heard nothing of the sort. Upon looking into it further, even going to the Channel 13 news station and asking for a copy or at least some information on the story, no one had any idea what he was talking about. Mutchler was even told by the general manager of the station that no such story was every run or had ever existed. When leaving the station he was approached by one of the employed film editors, who claimed that he could not help Mutchler in his pursuit, but he could verify that the story absolutely did air on the station the previous night. Mutchler didn’t forget this, and years later even had the gall to dig through government files in hopes to shed light on the situation only to be confronted by two unidentified officials who took the files and reminded him that he did not have the clearance. Twenty years later, Doug Mutchler went to Linda Moulton Howe and with his claim. Another brief anonymous source of Howe’s has since come out on record as well, claiming that their father was an electrical engineer, part of the Cold War Com Systems that were set-up in Alaska in the 50’s.

Another secondhand eyewitness account was also passed down from father to son, this son’s name being Bruce L. Pearson. Speaking on the matter, Pearson said that his father was told that the Alaska site was

“every bit as hush-hush as the Manhattan Project… The pilot also told him that it was not a nuclear device; it was not made by man; nobody is supposed to know this place even exists.”

Pearson’s father moved to a village in Alaska to teach upon retiring as a decorated member of the US military in the mid 1970‘s.  One day in the village, Pearson’s father ran into two men around his age who were also military. The three men hit it off quite well, and by the time the other two had to depart, it seems that they weren’t quite ready to say goodbye. In a gesture of classic Alaskan friendliness, the two pilots offered to bring Pearson’s father along with them on their chopper flight a few hours away. They suggested that the time would pass quicker if Pearson’s father was there with them to keep the great and reminiscent military conversation going. Pearson’s father accepted and departed with them on the helicopter, and it was only until after the departure that he was made more aware of what exactly he was embarking on. Not long after being warned of the possibility of all of the electronic systems in the helicopter suddenly going haywire, they did indeed do so, including radars blinking and alarms sounding, and this was supposedly due to the electromagnetic properties of the pyramid. However, thankfully, this did not interfere with their flight capabilities of the vehicle. Eventually the men made it to a very peculiarly placed landing pad in the middle of the wilderness, where Pearson’s father noted multiple mining shafts that he says he could easily identify because of their presence throughout his childhood community. Upon landing, men in suits with no advertised affiliation came, grabbed the unidentifiable cargo without word, and a jeep came up behind them and filled them up, all without even turning off the chopper itself.

The last firsthand account of the pyramid is something I will break the formal essay format for, seeing as how I am a part of the story. Not I, nor any of my immediate family members have any inside information. However, my great Uncle Charles Edwards claims to have seen this very same news broadcast that CIA warrant officer Dough Mutchler saw in ’92. Being an avid conspiracy theorist, my uncle was familiar with Linda Moulton Howe, and when I brought up the Dark Pyramid of Alaska to him over an American Spirit cigarette, he admitted it ringing a bell in his head, but it wasn’t until I told him Mutchler’s story of the news broadcast that things really started to click. When I mentioned Channel 13 news, his eyes popped open and he said, “Holy shit! That’s where I remember it from! I saw that f***ing broadcast!” Upon hearing this, I asked him all the questions I could and then researched further. Nothing came up when looking into the local news station (not that I really expected it to), and I wasn’t sure of anything helpful I could do even if I did find anything out.

So what I did instead was contact Linda Moulton Howe herself through and, after a few exchanged emails with her, I found my uncle and I on the phone with her, discussing the pyramid, the news broadcast, and the like. I talked to her very briefly since I myself had no information, and bless her heart, Ms. Howe was ready to interview me when I offered any help I could, even though I knew I was not pertinent to the phone call at all, and she could see this as well. I respectfully declined and handed the conversation to my Uncle. It was a very enjoyable social exchange, and she was very energetic, and when I handed the phone to my uncle, he lit a cigarette and paced back and forth on my porch for twenty minutes while doing a recorded interview with Howe. This event happened in March of 2014, and while Ms. Howe has not released this bit of information on any public platform yet, I can hardly blame her on the account of the delicacy of the story and the modesty of my uncle’s social position as a general laborer, among other things. Furthermore, I am quite pleased to be the first one to announce this as a Last American Vagabond exclusive. Unfortunately, as this was a bit of an inspiring moment for me, I did not have the foresight to be inspired enough to document these interactions any more than my emails with Ms. Howe.

When discussing Alaska’s Dark Pyramid, the previously mentioned “Pyramid Power” is a topic that remains a hot debate in regards to all pyramidal structures today. This is the idea that the very structure of the pyramid in the physical world draws electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere and transmits it, possibly even having an effect on human consciousness. Well, seeing as how the Earth is surrounded by an Electromagnetic field, this could already be a theoretical possibility. Scientists Todd Murphy and Michael Persinger (inventors of The God Helmet, a selective cerebral-stimulus helmet that electrically, safely alters your consciousness in measurable, quantifiable ways that are fine-tunable and is available for public and scientific use) have also released an unprecedented amount of work in the areas of Human Consciousness, proving the direct link in human cognitive capacity, clarity, and capability with the fluctuations of electromagnetic static in the Earth’s Magnetic Field. In these terms, if a pyramid could draw energy from the field and transmit it, it seems that it certainly would have an effect on human consciousness, at least somewhat, depending on the strength of the broadcast.

The final, most serious claim to the proposition of pyramid power is Ukrainian physicist, Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets. Dr. K was a (quoting a quick research biography on “Theoretical Physicist and Senior Scientist for over 20 years at the Institute of Physics in Ukraine. This institute was the premier military research institution of the former Soviet Union and Dr. Krasnoholvets helped develop instrumentation and new research technology.“Dr. Krasnoholovets’ specialty is condensed matter physics. However the foundations of physics are also in the area of his interests. In this line of research, combining knowledge of condensed matter with the main regulations of quantum physics, he has constructed submicroscopic quantum mechanics developed in the real space. The theory constructed considers the real space as a tessellation of primordial cells (or balls, or superparticles), which are elementary blocks of Nature. Dr. Krasnoholovets’ personal and official research website’s address is: Whether one feels the need to consider Dr. K a genius or a mad scientist, his findings coincide with ancient theological traditions and claims of the pyramids within the cultures from which they were constructed, as well as the consistent stream of research into “Pyramid Power” or more aptly, “Pyramid Physics”. His theories also speak loudly for the possibility that the Dark Pyramid could have been picked up by the White Alice Communications Systems in Alaska, and that as lore would have it, the pyramid itself conducts and transmits enough electromagnetic energy to theoretically power the entire country of Canada, or even more depending on who one asks.

Could it be that pyramids were constructed by ancient man in order to conduct more electromagnetic energy on a global scale, perhaps even in order to benefit their personal, cognitive and spiritual capabilities? It sounds far-fetched, but it also sounds far-fetched to have hundreds of pyramids located all across the Ancient Earth. If they are conducting this Electromagnetic energy, what connection does that have with human consciousness? If it has a connection to human consciousness, then why is there public secrecy? What could their use be in today’s society? In the end, one must focus on the issues at hand and not let wonder and speculation pull the attention from what is truly important. Yet, this information poses many questions that demand to be asked. How could there be similar ancient pyramids all across the globe from separate and isolated cultures? Why would those that have been discovered outside of Egypt not been widely recognized?  If there isn’t a pyramid out west of Denali in Alaska, what explains the EMI? There seems to be something there and it undoubtedly involves the military dating back to the Cold War. In this politically driven society, so full of corruption and secrecy, one must ask themselves if they believe their government is capable of worldwide deception? Capable of creating an entire back-story to cover a massive truth dating back to the beginning of man? If the answer is yes, then follow us down the rabbit hole.


Anthony Tyler
A journalist and author from Anchorage, Alaska, Anthony Tyler aims to twist the knife in both phony new-age ideals and scientific materialism by drawing attention to the rich heritage of esoteric science throughout history. Far from being “satanist,” the esoteric (i.e. occultism or comparative religion) marks the beginning of mathematics, astronomy, psychology, medicine, and even politics. Esoteric science represents a cache of little-known knowledge detailing how to decipher the human's unconscious mind--and the unconscious mind is essentially everything that the human mind is not considering at any given moment.

7 Replies to “In Search of Alaska’s Ancient Pyramid

  1. I am in agreement with your train of thought. Pyramids were a ‘hot topic’ in the 60s, with much research being done into their properties, and then they quietly faded away. I had my suspicions.
    I found this article quite interesting. I have been doing my own bit of research into pyramids, and other related conical shapes. The full extent of a pyramids ‘powers’ has yet to be discovered.

    1. thanks for the comment! there is a lot of disinformation about such pyramid power that floats around, but I think sources like Dr. K and some of the Tesla-influenced postulations that some scientists have expanded upon are stabbing in the right direction

  2. I saw a video on YouTube where someone tried to locate the Black Pyramid in Alaska through Google earth. His findings are that Google earth satellite imagery had been deliberately obscured where the Pyramiid is supposed to be located.
    I attempted to find the pyramid through Google earth also. I did not notice any deliberate attempt to hide any areas, but I was not able to locate any pyramid structures.
    The thing that did catch my eye was the name of two peaks at the Denali mountain range- East Pyramid Peak and West Pyramid Peak. Who officially named these peaks?
    It reminds me of the areas of the Grand Canyon that were given Egyptian names by the local Indians that have lived there forever. These areas of the Grand Canyon are where supposedly caves and pyramids have been found with Egyptian writings and artifacts.
    So, could the East Pyramid Peak and West Pyramid Peak of Alaska have been appropriately named?

    1. East and West Pyramid Peak are not familiar to me, but I will look into them and add an update to the article if anything arises. thanks for the tip! as for the google earth imagery being deliberately blurred, I actually did this once with a friend one evening and we found the same blurred imagery, called “selective blurring” used often to cover nuclear facilities and other covert areas that the govt does not want just anyone knowing about. granted, i’m the first to admit that this was not a total investigation at hand, this was just my friend and i hanging out and starting to brainstorm a little, but for what it’s worth, we were convinced that it was blurred. additionally, as the lore goes, the pyramid or any pyramidal structures would not be above ground. there is the conjecture of the two smaller pyramids, but I have not seen this to be the case–and so the Dark/Black Pyramid would be underground, and the only thing observable above ground presumably would be any mining shafts leading down to the structure, landing pads for aerial vehicles, or the like, which would be much easier to blur out of google imagery. thanks for the comment, very inquisitive

  3. Great article Anthony!
    Kent Lewis: interesting observation about the peaks. But yes, as Anthony states (& I suppose it’s important to reiterate because I’ve seen multiple people confused on this) this pyramid is UNDERGROUND! The top is some 150 from the surface. I even recently heard additional evidence that the pyramid could have been covered by an ancient Super volcano!!
    This is something that is KEY. Our own Human history is pretty much the biggest secret covered up by those in power! Because along with it, is clearly the fact that life exists EVERYWHERE on our own planet, but is also TEEMING throughout the Cosmos! Once this paradigm shift happens, everything changes!! Very exciting times we are in now. We must all come together & hold the Love & Light in the midst of the madness & darkness.
    Mr. Tyler it looks like this article & comments are a couple years past but if you happen to see it please contact me…
    Thank you!

  4. Thank you for this article. It contains a a lot of thought provoking precepts. Being employed by AT&T, I talk to guys who where part of the SAGE system operation, similar to the DEW Line . It had sites located from Key West FL to the interior of AL (Gunter AFB, AL). It was built in the 50’s to track missile & aircraft flying out of Cuba(now decommissioned). The our Government will spare no expense to gain military superiority and keep it a secret. Keep up the good work and keep digging !

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